"As guitar players go, Kevin is about as fine a player as you'll ever hear. He is capable of getting a great tone out of both electric and acoustic guitars."  - 20th Century Guitar Magazine


06/24/2019- Lots of upcoming gigs for The Kevin McLeod Band, The Tone Healers and Groove Juice on the Performances page!  

01/15/2019- Upcoming gigs for The Kevin McLeod Band on the Performances page!  

06/30/2018- I've been playing guitar on some recording sessions for The EVT Band.  Check out this cool version of 'Box of Rain' for a Grateful Dead covers project and this great original EVT Band song 'Electrified In Blue'!

02/08/2018- Photos are up from the 2018 Winter NAMM Show!

01/06/2018- Very much looking forward to NAMM 2018!  I will be there with my friends from True To Life and Analog Alien Guitar Pedals.  







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