Reviews of Careless Truth:
"I like Kevin's sound, very much. I played ' Rise and Shine '. We look forward to giving the entire CD airplay, over the coming weeks."  -- Miss Emm, WVBR Ithaca NY 93.3

"The new Kevin McLeod disc has some nice sounds. It was added in mid Jan and has gotten more spins each week since being added. It was a near top 30 for us this week." - Brian, WCNI 91.1 New London CT

"We received the album about ten days ago and have been playing it ever since. Good stuff. It will definitely be one of our Adds for next week."  -- Brian Robb, AM1700 Ypsilanti MI

"'Careless Truth' is our #1 album this week" - Lasell College Radio, Auburndale MA

"Kevin's new CD is in my rotation list. It is a very good album and I intend to keep it. -- Jean Pierre, CKUT 90.3, Montreal

"'Sympathetic' Is the #2 song on the Blues chart this week" - Radio Cosenza Centrale 100.4, Italy

"Definately digging this song!" (Another Wasted Day) - Jay McRae, KSPI Oklahoma City OK

"Great Stuff Kevin. Follow the Money reminds me of the Australian Band Midnight Oil who were and are a "message" band. I will be adding tracks to the general mix on the station."  -- Deane Craw, Spellbound Harbour Radio, New Zealand

"FOLLOW THE MONEY on playlist; SACRED PLACE #1 on Blues Playlist"  -  Radio Holstebro, Denmark

"FEATURED ON SHOW THIS WEEK: Follow The Money, Nobody's Friend, Sympathetic, A Rock & A Nail"  - STAR-FM, St Helens Australia

Reviews of Greed and Fear:

"Great Music! We will be adding to playlist on our college station, & possibly our internet show and new music podcast. "  - Jason Steen, Neoreal Media, KY USA

"Kevin sells his message without going overboard; in these dangerous 'political' times, Greed and Fear is the ideal vehicle for everyone to get on board and listen to, whether they are American or not. Great musicianship, good lines, a good message and excellent production. Now....when is that next election......???!" - Tony Bates, Highlands 100.7 FM, Australia

Reviews of Liana's Lonely:

"Nice ending! Nice track! I like that chorus - good stuff!" - Dan Herman (Radio Crystal Blue)

"Pop has never sounded so good! A good single that emanates with excellent musicianship , really dry vocals and above all guarantees one and all a damned good time. This is what Pop should be! " - Tony Bates, Highlands 100.7 FM, Australia

"What a great sound you have, I have played several of your tracks to date and plan to schedule more in future programs." - Michael Criddle, Triple H-FM OzRadio, Australia

Reviews of The Road Home:

"If youíre going to go for an earthy, stripped-down sound without fancy production work, your songwriting skills had better be good. Fortunately, Kevin McLeod's got that covered. His guitar chops are strong... McLeod's songs address a wide range of issues. He writes music for his children to dance to, and then he gets gritty and dark with 'Sirens in the Distance'. This may be modern folk, but it leaves a good old-fashioned peaceful vibe in my soul. " -

"In a time where even the singer/songwriter is wrapped up in plastic and processed like government cheese by the industry, there are still saving graces out there who write songs that are both lyrically and musically intelligent. Kevin McLeod and his solo CD debut, "The Road Home", falls within this 'saving grace' category." - Space Junkie Magazine

"The Road Home... is one of those few albums where I can honestly say I like every number. It's hard to pick a favorite." - Good Times Magazine

"I have followed McLeod since his days with the jazz/pop and instrumental duo 'DeStefano & McLeod' and thoroughly enjoy the new CD." - Aural Fix Communique

"Kevin is about as fine a guitar player as you'll ever hear. He is capable of getting a great tone out of both electric and acoustic guitars." - 20th Century Guitar magazine

"The Road Home is laid back, light and airy -- the sort of thing every guitarist should aspire to when making an album." -

"Just to let you know that I'll be using your touching 'Ladder to Mars' on my show" - Bob Sherman, "Woody's Children" host WFUV (NY)

"Your music has been added to KASU's music library. It's a great fit for KASU's eclectic mix of programming. Thank you so much for sending it." - Marty Scarbrough, KASU-FM Program Director (AR)

Reviews of Coloring the Sky:

"Thanks for your note and the album. I will be playing three of your pieces on my show. Keep up the good work!"  - Bob Sherman 'Woody's Children', WFUV, NY

"Thanks so much for creating, promoting, and supporting such GREAT music."  - Mary Igoe, WTIP, MN

"Very well done.  A joy and a delight."  - Tor Jonassen, WRDV, PA

"We received your CD, I had a chance to listen to it and I was impressed. I took an immediate liking to it."  -  Dan Alloway, KTEP, TX

"I admire the inventive arrangements and interesting musicianship."  - Skip Mowry, WRBC, ME

"Thanks for sending the CD.  We've added cuts 1, 4, 6 & 7 to the Acoustic Cafe playlist."  - Chuck Slott, WMRA, VA

"I listened... it's a perfect fit.  Thanks for providing the music for our listeners"  - Marilyn Rea Beyer, WUMB, MA

"Dreams of Angels was the second song I played on my show today.  Thanks for the CD." - John Owen, WFDU, NJ

"The music works for "The Back Porch", Thanks!"   -  Norm Mast, WVPE, IN

"We listened to the CD and we like it!  Congratulations on the project and thanks for sending the CD." - Larry Berger, WYEP, PA

"The whole CD sounds every bit as nice as the samples I heard online." - Rik James, KGLT, MT

"This music is very cool.   Keep up the good work!" - Otto Bost, WDIY-FM, PA 

"Nice chops, guys!" - Kenn Marash, WVBR, NY