The Kevin McLeod Band had another great gig at Bartini Bar in Babylon on March 31st 2018. We did a particularly nice performance of "A Ladder To Mars".

The Kevin McLeod Band had another great gig at Bartini Bar in Babylon on Dec. 16th 2017.  This band just keeps getting better and better! :)

On September 23rd 2017 The Kevin McLeod Band played the BACCA Arts Center with The Wes Houston Trio.  It was a truly memorable night for the musicians in both bands and for the audience.  We played a number of songs from the Careless Truth album including this one, A Rock and a Nail.

On May 27th 2017 the trio edition of The Kevin McLeod Band played a great gig at The Crooked Rail in E Northport NY.

Kita P joined The Kevin McLeod Band for a great gig at Bartini Bar in Babylon in March 2017.

True To Life played a great gig at The Shrine in NYC in March 2017.  In addition to our original music we love playing Ramblin' by jazz great Ornette Coleman!

Here's video of The Kevin McLeod Band playing playing two songs at our Dec 2016 gig at Bartini Bar in Babylon NY.  'Brooklyn, 1964' is a song from the Careless Truth CD and 'Liana's Lonely' is a crowd favorite that was released as a single in between The Road Home and Careless Truth.

A trio edition of The Kevin McLeod Band recently performed on the Cable TV music program Wes Houston Presents . Here's a clip from the show where we perform a new song called 'A Pair of Diamonds'.  Vocalist Kita P and guitarist Tommy DeMeco are featured on this song.

This a nice performance of the True To Life original song "Bossa Bounce" from our June 2016 gig at Silvana in NYC.  We really enjoy playing music for the supportive NYC audiences that have been coming out to hear us!

Kita P joined True To Life for a great performance of 'Peace Song' at a recent gig at The Shrine in Harlem.  This song was co-written by True To Life and Kita P.

Here's a recent performance of my instrumental tune 'Java Bugs'.  I recorded this on my iPhone in my home studio. 

I recently did a Concert Window performance with a group of talented singer/songwriters.  Donations were raised to benefit The Opening Word, a literacy program for women located in Wyandanch, NY.  Everyone gave truly memorable performances of their songs and enough folks watched on the web that a nice donation was raised.  In case you missed it, here's one of my performances from that afternoon.

The Kevin McLeod Band live at The Way Station in Brooklyn, August 2014.  The Kevin McLeod Band features Thomas DeMeco on Guitar, Lakita P. Jackson on vocals, Ray Forgione on Drums, Jim Dolega on Bass, and Kevin McLeod on vocals and guitar.

Here is the complete program of 'Wes Houston Presents... True To Life'.  We enjoyed doing the show, Wes and his crew were great to work with.

True To Life performing at The Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem, NYC on June 10, 2014.  True To Life is Frazer Adams - Drums, Kevin McLeod - Guitar, Michael Porter - Bass, Guenther Rieder - Sax. This performance featured special guest Wayne Walker on Keyboards.

Here are a few video clips from the Careless Truth recording sessions.  In these two clips I'm recording the slide guitar solos for "Follow the Money".  They were played on my 1972 Gibson SG through a 1960's Fender Vibrolux Amp (courtesy of the Cloud9 Vintage Instrument collection).  To get the keening sustain I was looking for a cool new pedal from Cloud 9 Audio was used.  The FuzzBubble 45 (FB-45) is a great pedal that can conjure up varying levels of overdrive or fuzztone.   It gave me the exact sound I was seeking for the slide guitar solos in this song.
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