The Kathy Fleischmann Band - The Second Took Even Longer

1) Vacant Lot
2) Accomplishments
3) 'C' Word
4) He's Erasing Me
5) So Much Rides
6) Robbing Peter
7) Woodwork
8) Tulsa
9) Down Syndrome
10) A Million Years Ago

Kathy Fleischmann - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kevin McLeod - Electric Guitars, B3 Organ, Backing Vocals
Tommy DeMeco - Bass
Marco Conelli - Drums
with special guest Geoffrey Armes - Keyboards & Percussion on 'So Much Rides' and 'A Million Years Ago'.

Produced by Kevin McLeod & Kathy Fleischmann
Recorded at Cloud9 Recording, Central Islip, NY, by Joe & Jack Napoli
Mixed at Ian London Studios, East Islip, NY, by Brian Unger, Kevin McLeod & Kathy Fleischmann
Year of Release: 2009

Kathy has a number of fine solo recordings. This is the first with her own band. We had a great time recording it and are very pleased with the results!