1. Greed and Fear

From the recording Greed and Fear (Single)

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It’s your misfortune
So I grin
I hate the sinner
I love the sin
I aim my lies
Between your eyes
Mythologize and spin
You can’t turn back now
You let me in

It’s so fine, so clear
It’s my time, my dear
I bring you
Greed and fear
Greed and fear

With rigged elections
I make my way
Forget the things I do
Remember what I say
To claim my prize
I drown the wise
Demonize dissent
You can’t turn back now
The light is spent

I steal your jobs
I steal your rights
Send you ‘round the world
To kill and fight
With dividends
For my rich friends
In the end you’ll pay
You can’t turn back now
I’m here to stay

Words & music by Kevin McLeod
Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.