From the recording The Road Home

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My baby skips when she's happy
My baby cries when she's sad
Conventions dictate actions to others
My baby knows better than that

My baby dances to music
My baby's got a big heart
Some folks are endlessly searching for meaning
They haven't a clue where to start

Her smile makes my spirit soar
I'm a feather
I'm a daydream
I'm the petals of a rose
Her eyes lift me off the floor
I'm poetry
I'm free jazz
I'm Kerouac's prose

My baby looks at me funny
My baby teases me bad
I put on faces that try to look angry
But I never really get mad

My baby sings like an angel
Her song is simple and true
Without pretense or affectation
I wish that I could sing it to you

Words & music by Kevin McLeod
Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.