From the recording The Road Home

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Early evening diamonds
from the bottom of the lake
Rise and play like photons on the surface
In the splendor of the moment
I'm dazzled and I'm calmed
In beauty everything achieves its purpose

I drift freely, like a leaf
Abandon time, suspend belief
My field of vision limitless and clear
Everywhere, yet in one place
Supported by these waves of grace
Your voice is the only sound I hear

The bats are swift and silent
as they skirt among the trees
Disappearing in and out of view
Slowly all the color is sucked up by the sky
Shadows fly in brilliance that was blue

Then the scattered light retreats
It's a pattern that repeats
To see your face I had to lose my fear
Cast my line without a hook
Now you're everywhere I look
Your voice is the only sound I hear

I'm falling into your love.

Words & music by Kevin McLeod
Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.