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  1. Liana's Lonely

From the recording Liana's Lonely (Single)

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Liana wears a perfect dress
With perfect hair styled for success
She’s looking for a perfect mate
A nice guy to manipulate
But right now a second date will do

Chorus: Liana’s lonely again
She’s complaining to her friend
But it gives her something to do
And she never shuts up as she paints her world blue
Too bad
It’s so sad
Not really

Liana stands out in a crowd
She talks too much and laughs too loud
And she’s so stiff and she’s so straight
She’s never one to hesitate
To share her mindless chatter with you

Bridge: The most important things in life
Can’t be bought
Liana winces at the thought
Oh, no, no

Liana gives advice so well
She disregards it all herself
With sharpened tongue and steely eyes
She is the first to criticize
The last to notice who she’s talking to

Copyright 2005 Kevin McLeod. All rights reserved. Lyric may be reprinted with permission.