From the recording Careless Truth

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The plain face of a hustle
The cool skill of a con
There’s nothing to say
It’s so everyday
You know the game is on
The capital buzzes
And economies crash
While everyone sleeps
These grifters and creeps
Rewrite the laws for cash

Follow the money – follow the money
Agreements are broken
Before the ink dries
Follow the money – the money never lies

Swashbucklers and pirates
International thieves
Feeding the weary
A conspiracy theory
Until they all believe
The art of deception
Distilled and refined
False flag operations
Far fetched explanations
Confuse, but they don’t blind

Follow the money - Follow the money
Faces are hidden
And voices disguised
Follow the money - The money never lies

Political hit men
Greasing PR machines
A murder of crows
A leader they chose
For global power schemes
Disaster capitalists
Waging privatized wars
The suffering is clear
In the chaos and fear
As their investments soar

Follow the money - Follow the money
It may make you angry
But don’t be surprised
Follow the money - The money never lies

Copyright 2011 Kevin McLeod. All rights reserved.